5 Fake Tanning Tips for Beginners

5 Fake Tanning Tips for Beginners

Fake tanning can be daunting but with a little know-how even total beginners can  get a flawless bronzed look. Nervous about false tan? Follow these simple steps to get a foolproof sunkissed look.

Use a tinted product

Select a product with a tinted colour guide. This way you can see exactly where you have applied it and avoid dreaded streaks. We recommend Modelco Tan Mousse Self-Tanning & Instant Bronzing Foam, £5.99. It dries quickly and won’t rub off onto clothing.

Try a wash-off product

Practice with a wash-off product first, that way if you make a mistake or are unhappy with the application you can wash it off and start again. Instant bronzers are perfect for night’s out or when you need a last minute boost of colour. Try Fake Bake Instant Bronzer Tan, £8.99 if you like lotion or ModelCo One Night Tan Wash Off Instant Bronze Mousse, £5.99 if you prefer a mousse formulation.

Pay attention to lighting

Always apply your tan in a bright room to avoid mistakes. Stand on a dark towel to protect your floor from any drips or splashes of product. A mirror is essential, too!

Use a mitt

ALWAYS use a mitt when applying your tan. A mitt will protect your palms from stains and will allow you to buff the product evenly into your skin. We recommend our Sunkissed Self Tan Applicator Mitt, £3.99.


Remember to exfoliate before you even think about applying false tan. Exfoliating removes the dead, dull patches of skin and ensures your false tan applies more evenly. Apply moisturiser to dry patches like your elbows, knees and ankles and allow it to fully absorb before reaching for your chosen tanning product.

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